Anasayfaya Dön

General Information

The Department of Civil Engineering was established by the Rectorate of Batman University within the scope of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture on June 2, 2010 in accordance with the Law No. 5668 on Higher Education Institutions. Starting from the 2015-2016 academic year, student’s admission has started for the undergraduate program.

Engineering is the whole scientific and technological rules human beings, who has nowadays transcended the world planet and reached the depths of the universe, has invented to use the natural beings in a more regular and useful way and it is the application level of these rules to human life. As time progresses in the age of science, as new things are discovered, it is an area where it will continuously expand and constantly increase its theories and practices. It is not possible for the engineer to remain indifferent to the assets in the environment and pass the time without entering new quests. Engineering is always dynamic and in motion, it has a structure that constantly conceives new developments.

Civil Engineering is one of the most important required milestones in the global context for the development of countries. Civil engineering aims to upgrade the welfare level of that country by means of following the necessary scientific and technological developments that facilitate human life from all angles.

In this context, what a civil engineer should do is to make continuous applications in a way that will not harm the structure in the world and universe, following constantly the developments in our universe and our world, making use of ways and means to facilitate life.

The aim of our Civil Engineering Department is to educate hardworking and successful individuals who have sufficient equipments in national and global sense and who have respect for nature and human life, to undertake initiatives that will develop our region and country by using science and technology at the highest level, to present our scientific and technological infrastructure to the service of young people in our country.

Engineering is the art of organizing and managing people, controlling materials and power in the wild. Civil engineering, beginning with this definition, is one of the most basic engineering branches.

What do civil engineers do?

The construction engineer picks up the material in the natural state, puts it in a certain form and provides useful use to humanity. Contrary to what you might think, a construction engineer does not just build a building. They take part in all aspects of the construction and construction of the countries. They use intensive work force and machinery in constructing railways, highways, bridges, dams, power plants, factories, industrial plants, treatment plants, ports, airports, business centres, etc.

Our Mission

To educate construction engineers who have basic engineering knowledge, design, application and management skills, investigator, inquirer and open to innovations, taking ethical values of the profession by keeping human values in front, can think analytically, do scientific work and follow technological developments and are prone to team work.

Our Vision

To be an institution which works constantly in order to take place at the national level in the front row in the education and training of civil engineering, aims to produce information and develop technology, educates graduates who are sensitive to the needs of the society, gains acceptance on the international platform too.