Anasayfaya Dön

General Information

The Faculty of Engineering and Architecture was established, bound up with the Rectorate of Batman University, on 17 May 2007 in accordance with the relevant article of the Law No. 5662 on the Organization of Higher Education Institutions. The Department of Mechanical Engineering, which was established within the faculty, started to accept students in the period of 2008-2009 academic-years. In the period of 2009-2010 academic-years, acceptance of the students to the second/evening education with additional quota has begun. In 2011-2012 academic years, 180 students are studying in department. February 2012, it started to take students to the joint graduate program with Firat University. The Engineering Department consists of five departments: Engineering and Manufacturing Department, Machine Theory and Dynamics Department, Mechanics Department, Thermodynamics Department and Energy Department.


It is to be a preferred department and a symbol of quality education, providing education on universal scale, contributing to regional and national economy, working for the benefit of society and mankind, making its studies available for the technology.


The main duty of Mechanical Engineering Department of Batman University is to educate the mechanical engineers, who is creative, inquirer, equipped with the universal knowledge and experiences, transfers the produced technology to the industry, shares his knowledge and experiences with industry and society, opened to teamwork, has analytical skills, conducts the researches that will contribute to science and technology, makes studies, will be pioneer in his field, opened to new horizons.


To get the students gain the ability to communicate effectively.

To get students prepare for a successful engineering career by giving them the application ability of mathematics, science and engineering knowledge to mechanical engineering problems.

To get the students acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to design and produce a machine, its component, system or process in accordance with the relevant standards and limitations, taking into account also the economic, efficiency, environmental and social influences.

To get the students gain the ability to determine, formulate, model, analyze and solve the mechanical engineering problems and to design and conduct experiments when necessary and to present them by interpreting their results, for this purpose, to enable students to use the necessary modern engineering, calculation and presentation equipment.

To get the students acquire the ability of necessity and consciousness of lifelong learning, and to be able to put them into practice. 


Energy Department

It includes the subjects such as hydraulic machines, internal combustion engines and motor vehicles, alternative fuels, fuel mixtures and combustion in engines, heating ventilation systems, renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy, heat exchangers, fluid analysis and heat transfer.

Construction and Manufacturing Department

It includes the various topics related to design and production, theoretical and experimental analysis of dynamic charged radial sliding bearings and cam mechanisms, cad/cam applications and new manufacturing methods.

The Department of Machine Theory and its Dynamics

It includes various topics such as modulation of dynamical systems, robot arm design and control, flexible arm robot control, fuzzy logic, vibration analysis and compensation, vibration control of rotor-bed systems, the compression effected film bed damper.

Mechanic Department 

The mechanic department is concerned with the topics such as behaviours of mechanical systems under static and dynamic conditions, mechanical properties of engineering materials, finite element method used in numerical strength analysis and computer aided structural analyses, mechanical behaviours of composite materials, adhesives.

Otomotive Department 

The main research topics are internal combustion engines, engine equipments, systems in motor vehicles and vehicles, alternative fuels, emissions control, vehicle aerodynamics, engine and vehicle performance and control systems.

Thermodynamics Department 

It includes the topics such as techniques for improving pipe flow and heat transfer, techniques for improving heat exchanger performance, the flow and heat transfer in buildings; and computer aided measurement and evaluation systems for pressure and temperature measurements.


The work places of mechanical engineering, which is one of the most extensive engineering branches, are also so wide. Mechanical engineering is a discipline identified with technology. Today's popular engineering branches such as industrial engineering, manufacturing and manufacturing engineering, textile engineering, shipbuilding engineering, aircraft and space engineering, automotive engineering, nuclear engineering, mechatronics engineering, energy systems engineering have emerged from the branches in mechanical engineering field. Nevertheless, a machine engineer who has received a good education and continuously renewed himself has the chance to find jobs and provide successful services in all of these branching engineering branches. Our graduates can work in various public institutions such as DSİ (state water works), Highways, and in private companies, automotive, manufacturing, climate sector and universities.