Anasayfaya Dön

General Information

The department was founded in Institute of Science and Technology of Batman University in 17th May, 2007 within the decision of Council of Higher Education numbered 5662.
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department started enrolling students in 2013-2014 academic year. As of the 2013-2014 academic year. Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department consists of  four departments as  Circuits and Systems Theory Department, the Electronics Department, Electrical Machinery Department and Electromagnetic Fields and Microwave Techniques Department.
To be  an educational and research institution that educate  Electrical and Electronics engineers  who meet the needs of industry,  develop solutions to current, scientific and technological problems.
Our mission is to contribute to the production of science and technology different fields in Electrical and Electronics engineering, to educate engineers who are equipped with required knowledge and skills, have problem-solving and analytical thinking skills, to support country's technological development with engineering activities conducted in cooperation with industry.
Graduates of Electronics and Electronic Engineering Program have job opportunities in research and development, production and marketing departments in electrical, electronics and communications sector, national and multi-national companies, radio and TV broadcasting facilities, facilities related to internet services and health sector.
Students, by taking education in electrical and electronic engineering in sufficient depth and width with application-oriented, strong mathematical and physical infrastructure , aim to be engineers who;
- Have knowledge on the diverse fields of electrical and electronics engineering in sufficient width and depth, absorbed his/her knowledge to be able to transform it into design and implementation, to be able to pursue successful careers in major national institutions and companies as well as working on their own workplace,
- Are Capable of studying postgraduate education and / or be able to work in R & D, having knowledge to find solutions to the problems in novel contexts, having language ss to follow professional literature and interacting with foreign colleagues and having the ability to use the latest software languages.
- Continue a lifelong learning desire, very disciplined and well suited to teamwork, while remaining sensitive to their social responsibilities and professional ethics, capable of communicating effectively, self-confident and enterprising.

Program objectives of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department are listed below:
- To educate graduates who are equipped in Electrical and / or Electronic Engineering, self-renewing, careful and patient.
- To educate graduates who gained the ability to produc new knowledge and solve various engineering problems by using the  information obtained from four years of education
- To educate graduates who can  solve  problems by  thinking analytically in their own engineering fields and related disciplines.
- To educate graduates who can take individual responsibility, have interdisciplinary teamwork skills and quality-conscious
- To educate graduates who have the knowledge and ability to work in multi-disciplinary.
- To educate graduates who can keep up with the rapidly evolving world, are equipped with professionalism and ethics.
- To educate graduates who always keep social, economic, health, safety and environmental conditions, the community's needs and interests foreground,
- To educate graduates who can do original research and development (R & D) activities by  individually and team work and convert findings to broadcast, patents and technology.