Anasayfaya Dön

General Information


Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering at Batman University; with its faculty members with unique accumulation, each of which has expertise in its field, infrastructure and laboratory facilities, is a representative of an understanding integrated with continuous development anticipation in order to protect and develop Turkey's leading higher education institution feature that has reached internationally accepted qualifications with its field.

Our Department focuses on educating the contemporary metallurgical and material engineers, who

  • have knowledge and skill in researching and determining the properties of existing engineering materials and researching and developing new engineering materials,
  • have knowledge about technologies for production, shaping and protection of engineering materials that will contribute to new product and process design,
  • will be able to work successfully in production, application and ar-ge studies(researching and developing) at various industrial and research institutions at national and international level,
  • is the creator gained the skill of learning to continuously develop himself,
  • have formed quality and environmental awareness and are ready to transfer them to practice with their professional skills,
  • have social, ethical and economic knowledge and responsibility,

and focused on making scientific and applied researches to support the production of information and technology, with the qualifications to be accepted indisputably at national and international level and to publish them.


Metallurgy and Materials Engineering of Batman University, for the well-being and happiness of humanity and our country, aims to be

- Human and social values,

- Continuous development approach,

- Universal qualities of science,

- The leading institution of higher education in Turkey, having the internationally accepted qualifications in the field of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, with its bachelor's, master's and doctoral education given to its students based on the contemporary educational culture and values,

- A science and technology centre that produces information that will form the basis of shaping the present and future at the national and international level with scientific and applied researches that it realized and publishes them at the national and international level for the benefit of society.