Anasayfaya Dön

General Information

The Department of City and Regional Planning was established by the Rectorate of Batman University in accordance with the Law on the Establishment of Higher Education Institutions No: 5668 on 29 May 2007 within the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture. According to the criteria of the Council of Higher Education, education and training will start when they reach to sufficient academic staff and necessary infrastructure.

The Department of City and Regional Planning, while aims, on the one hand, to increase the qualification in urbanism and planning with the students it will educate, on the other hand, to be an education programme that is interested closely in the problems of the city and the region within the local context where it is, finding the solutions to these problems and that has a say as an active actor in this process.

The main target of the programme is to create, with its innovative staffs, a pioneering environment in the areas of education-teaching-research-application, which is competing nationally and internationally, unifying its deep-seated history with contemporary progress, directing its planning discipline at all scales; to educate the urban and regional planners and scientists who are able to comprehend life and space in order to guide the future, who are integrating the accumulated knowledge with their creative and enlightening identity, improving themselves with innovations; to transfer the knowledge produced in the fields of research and application to the social life in the public interest.