Anasayfaya Dön

General Information

The faculty, which aims to train engineers who have enough knowledge required for engineering and architecture and architects, are talented, experienced, skilled and qualified, raise its 4-year bachelor's degree graduates to the level to compete successfully in the field of engineering and architecture as well as new researchs.


Our faculty aims to train leader engineers and architects who can keep pace with global developments and will have successes internationally by providing high quality education. In addition, it focus on training engineers, who find solutions to problems in the geography of the region, and personnels  at an international standard level by the local investigate and processing oil and natural gas from their energy sources.


Engineering and Architecture Faculty, was established with Organization of Higher Education Institutions of Higher Education Lecturer in Law and the Decree on the Rosters and with the Schedule of the Act Amending Annex 93 Article attached to Decree Law on the Procedure of the General Staff in 17 May 2007. Within the Faculty, there are Computer Engineering, Electrical-Electronics Engineering, Geological Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, City and Regional Planning Department.